In 1990 Larry Chettle of L. Chettle Real Estate Ltd., Burlington, Ontario set out to create an organization of truly Independent Brokers. After meeting with several brokers in the southern Ontario area, and with great input, a constitution and common logo emerged.

The association has drafted policies which embody the strongly held philosophy to respect the independence and entrepreneurial spirit of the individual. A board of elected directors hold regular meetings to discuss current events pertaining to IREBA, and to help guide the Association.

As a non profit organization our goal is to help provide the tools so YOU AS A BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL WILL GAIN. Realizing that at every turn, a Broker is faced with expenses which take away from profit, IREBA has a modest initiation fee of $200 annually, which includes a Brokers home page and five (5) listings. IREBA would like to emphasize that the directors, and anyone else who contributes their time, does so on a voluntary basis, at no expense to the membership. In this fashion the organization can be maintained at minimum expense to the membership.

IREBA presently provides for the use of the membership a common logo. We encourage you to use this logo in your advertising material including business cards, advertisements and signs. At all times the decision as to the extent of use is completely in your hands. Being associated with a national organization will give YOUR INDEPENDENT BROKERAGE GREATER RECOGNITION.

IREBA has come of age.


447 Locust Street, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7S 1T9

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