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Our Mission
A Membership with the Independent Real Estate Brokers Association offers networking across Canada to better service Independent Real Estate Industry and the public. A referral system between the Provinces is just one benefit of networking. Many changes in the Real Estate profession are affecting the Independent Broker.
The Master Plan
To band together the most knowledgeable, the most experienced and deserving real estate professionals in the industry


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Dear Independent Real Estate Broker,

This is just a short letter to let you know IREBA has members all across Canada, and we are now looking for a Broker in your area.

As you know, the real estate profession has been changing rapidly in the past 15 years. It now appears the smaller real estate offices are becoming very successful in their market areas. With the implication of computers and the Internet, the future for real estate brokers and their staff looks exciting

IREBA believes that a referral network, for non-franchise real estate brokers and their sales staff would improve their bottom line. This web site will be the main communication point for all IREBA members and their customers to preview all your listings in one place, at their convenience. As of today the site is under construction, but you should check back to see how we have grown.

IREBA also offers the comfort of being able to discuss problems that generally occur with being an independent. With OREA attempting to take over the profession, 1996/97 year may very well prove to be a very interesting time.

If you are an IREBA member, we thank you for your 1996 membership. If you are not a member of IREBA of Canada, you can become a member by calling us at (905)333-0325 or E-Mail: , ask for a free information package.

Larry Chettle


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